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Disruptive Smartmetering

Bluepack means great consumptions control for consumers and huge savings for utility companies, regardless if they provide water, power or gas.

Thanks to its patented technology, Bluepack provides utilities real-time smartmetering and leaks detection on the whole network.

End users can finally have all their smartmeters readings in a single app, set alarm thresholds, see historical data, optimize their consumptions and immediately detect leaks or anomalies.


Condominium accounting

Bluepack provides administrators, tenants and flat owners with a unique service for monitoring consumptions in real time.

Administrators will be able to propose a new, exclusive service with maximum transparency.

Tenants will be able to control and reduce bills and damages both in first and second homes


Pollution monitoring

Preventing or reducing pollution allows to live in an healthier environment; one of our main purposes.

Bluepack aims to integrate different sensor type, present and future, for the detection of air, water and soil pollution and the most recent electromagnetic pollution.


Incident prevention

By setting individual thresholds for metrics of different sensors, Bluepack allows the real-time detection of a wide variety of risks, such as gas or water leaks.

As an example a threshold for temperature variation can be set to detect possible fires.


Enhanced assets tracking

Bluepack, allows the tracking of assets, such as vehicles or objects.

Sensor monitoring enables to track the geographical position of fixed or moving vehicles while evaluating the surrounding environment.


Infrastructures monitoring

Safety of infrastructures and concrete installations is crucial due to the aging process.

Bluepack allows the H24 monitoring of vibrations and movement of the load-bearing structures and the visualization of the history of such vibrations over time.

Comprehensive User Interface


All metrics and alarms are grouped in a single interface, providing real time overview of what's happening.


All sensors deployed in your installation are listed here, together with the metrics they support.


You can set individual thresholds for each metric and each sensor. Min, Max and Variation are supported.


Historical charts for each metric are provided to easily analyse data, spot trends and find anomalies.


All your sensors from different locations or attached to moving objects can be tracked on a map.


The entire User Interface can be fully customized and Sensors data sent to your own dedicated servers.

Supported Metrics

A growing list of metrics allows you to track exactly what you care.






Elapsed time



Water Consumption

Gas Consumption

Power consumption


Add your own sensor!

Our open sensors and open metrics data format allows Bluetooth manufacturers to add Bluepack unique features to their products, for free, in just a few minutes!

Integrating Bluepack is as easy as adding a new Bluetooth advertising message in their firmware, complying with the Bluepack open format.

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